Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Yassou release third in five video series

Late last month, the San Francisco based group Yassou released the first in a five video series. The concept is this: five videos for five songs, no physical release, no digital release, no music that's not tied to it's visual component. This sees the band capitalizing on the singles culture we've come to embrace and adding beautiful visual elements to supplement the music... Or is it the music that's supplementing the visuals?

This isn't entirely revolutionary, if we look back to a few years ago when iamamiwhoami introduced themselves to the world in a similar fashion, releasing a series of mysterious and beautiful videos leading up to their debut album release.

"To Sink" is the third in this video series from Yassou, and it's absolutely stunning. View it below, and if you need more (which you probably will) check out the first two installations "Fall Again" (YouTube) and "To Win / YoungBlood" (YouTube) and look out for #4 "The Woods" on Thursday, October 15 and #5 "In These Summer Nights" on Thursday, November 5.

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