Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Gardens & Villa to play the Parish 9/17

The first time I saw Gardens & Villa was on the Purgatory "stage" at the Masquerade in Atlanta. For anyone who may not be familiar with this venue, Purgatory is the middle level and the smallest of three showrooms at the Masquerade. It's really not a stage at all, more just an area in the back of a room where bands can set up to compete with the sound from the much larger lower-level room Hell and the much much larger upstairs stage Heaven.

So it goes without saying that this was some time ago, before G&V achieved the popularity that they have now. It was this shove into the mainstream that saw the band rethink their creative direction and retreat to a collaborative art space in LA to record their newest offering, Music for Dogs. According to their press materials, "Music For Dogs is a deeply personal album that pokes, prods, and even strangely celebrates the zeitgeist of music commerce, pleasure culture, technological advances and the new home they’ve found in Los Angeles." And you can hear it straight from the band in their single "Fixations" with the chorus, "My whole life fixation/see if we can make it underneath the radar."

The band will bring there "zen pop-Nihilsm" to the Parish this Thursday, September 17. Swirling and psychedelic with a lot of 70s influence but a modern enthusiasm and danceable beats, Music for Dogs is a perfect party record. Don't miss out; get your tickets HERE.

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