Friday, September 12, 2014

Can't Get Enough: Porter Robinson

Since I'm obviously not "on the ball" enough to keep up with all the new albums, EPs, singles, and videos that are releasing every day, I thought a good way to keep sharing stuff that I actually care about rather than what was at the top of my inbox when I decided it was time to blog would be to talk about stuff I get stuck on. Currently, Porter Robinson. I literally can't get enough of his album Worlds. It's got all of the qualities I love in a record. It's original, it's uplifting, it's emotional. It'll make you pump your fist and jump around, but the music has soul. It's just downright fucking good. In a similar manner as M83, Robinson has the uncanny ability to take a song from sweeping synths and soft, airy vocals to an absolute rager. The 22 year old producer out of Chapel Hill, NC of all places, has really struck gold with his debut record. Just press play below and let the video playlist take you through a few numbers to see what I mean, and don't miss youth anthem "Lionhearted," second in the lineup.

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