Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Moderat releases sophomore LP "II" on Mute

Last week saw the release of the newest album from Moderat, the genius concoction of two Berlin artists, Modeselektor (Gernot Bronot and Sebastian Szary) and Apparat (Sascha Ring).

With influences from either side of the electronic music spectrum, this release feels heavy with the floor thumping drum n bass that we would expect from Modeselektor as well as light, lofty, and even emotional with the addition of Apparat's swooning vocals and at times pop rhythms.

Somehow, the record never sees these opposing sounds clash, but rather, they blend together to create something that would suit for a solo bedroom listen (headphones not discouraged), a night drive down the highway, or even a 2am dancefloor.. given the right DJ.

Check out the video for "Bad Kingdom" for a taste.

Moderat - II is out August 6, 2013 via Mute Records.

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