Friday, August 30, 2013

Five Video Friday

Not only has it been a long ass time since I've done one of these video compilations, but I am also way behind on some new music stuffs I've been meaning to post about. So. Two birds one stone, folks. Here's a couple neat videos for you on this lovely Friday-before-a-holiday-weekend.

First I've got a new one from Delorean, who first grabbed my ear in 2010 with the standout track "Real Love" off their highly acclaimed album Subiza. Their newest effort, Apar, will be out September 10 on True Panther Sounds. After a couple listens, it's sounding as though it could be their best work to date. Check out the newly released video for "Destitute Time," the second single from the record.

The newest record, Torus, from Sub Focus (aka Nick Douwma) is out in the US 9/30 on Casablanca Records. "Turn it Around" is the lead single and it features vocals from Bloc Party's Kele. Douwma released his debut in 2009 and he's been making some waves overseas. The press release draws comparisons to Daft Punk, Deadmaus, and Empire of the Sun, but (maybe it's just the vocals throwing me off) I hear a softer side from this producer, one that reminds me more of Tanlines, Lemonade, or even Beacon. 

Interview Magazine may have said it best when they described Jamaican Queens as "a ragtag compilation of heavy hip-hop beats, pop hooks, and brutally disturbing lyrics." Though they did just release a new video for "Can't Say No To Annie" off their new album Wormwood, I still prefer "Kids Get Away" so that is what you shall have.

The video for Cody ChesnuTT's "I've Been Life" is quite a spectacle and I can only hope that his upcoming show in Atlanta (October 4 at The Loft) is as colorful and over the top. ChesnuTT is actually based out of Atlanta, and despite how much his name may sound like a good 'ol boy Americana artist, his music is an inspiring blend of culturally influenced R&B.
Get tickets for the show here.

Not sure what's up with the whole flannel around the waist look or the ridiculous McDonald's-endorsed french fries shout out in the last chorus, but this is still a fanstastic song and one that has been on super heavy rotation for me recently. Check out The Neighbourhood's Vevo session for "Afraid" off their I Love You LP which came out in April of this year. And if you want to hear the album version (which you should) I've got YouTube not-video for you as well. 

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