Friday, June 1, 2012

Movement Electronic Music Festival Day 2

Apologies for the delay in posting. Real life got in the way for a minute.

Day two highlights include Erno the Inferno, who won me over with his sample of "Hustler", the beautiful Camea and Maya Jane Coles, watching from above the complete madness of an Adventure Club set, and being backstage for Public Enemy. 

This woman was amazing. Note the bracelets please. And the dancing man in the background. And keep scrolling for her return later in the day...

Erno the Inferno
Detroit's own Ernie Guerra (aka Erno the Inferno) had 7 decks lined up for his early afternoon set. Not sure if he was using them all... but he was at least using vinyl.

Camea's music has been described as "Seattle cool meets Brooklyn edge meets Berlin chic".

A notable establishment. Happy 4 Liquor Pizza-Deli. Makes total sense...

Malik Alston
Malik brought live drums, vocals, and horns. Very funky. They call it dance-jazz.

Maya Jane Coles
Maya wins the hot DJ award.

This amazing woman had to be lifted from her power scooter to dance. 

Adventure Club

The kids love dubstep these days...

Public Enemy

From below the stage after the crowds dispersed.

Geekin. Whatevs. You'd want your picture with Chuck D, too. 

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