Thursday, February 9, 2012

Oy Vey make a record for the "lost generation of millennials".

Kevin Corcoran, one half of Oy Vey, described the inspiration for their newest record, Recession Girls, like this:

“Like any unemployed twenty-something musicians getting drunk on a porch on a summer’s night, we started talking about girls. We chatted about the patterns we’d seen in the girls we’d been with, and how they were all part of this lost generation of millennials. They were going to inherit America; then the great recession came. They acted tough, partied too hard, and were terrified about their future. Instead of pursuing a career, they were just getting by, working shitty jobs and dating bums like us. It was rough stuff, but also weirdly romantic, so we decided to make an album about it.”

This concept album is a nice blend of dark electro-pop. Here's the title track:

Oy Vey - "Recession Girls"

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