Wednesday, February 8, 2012

JD Samson + MEN set to self-release new EP.

I was very excited to hear that JD Samson + MEN are set to release a new EP next week. They have been staying busy on the tour route, but found the time to lay down three new tracks that will come out on an EP entitled Next. They recently announced that they are going to fall back on the DIY roots of their music and take over their own management as well as put out the new EP completely on their own.

They are calling on their fans to help them make it a success. Here's a excerpt from the letter they recently posted on their website addressed to friends and family. Help out if your willing and able.

"If you are interested in lending a hand we would love to hear from you. Please email us and use the word STREET TEAM in the subject field. In the email text, please let us know where you live, how old you are, what you do for a job and/or what you do for a hobby. As well as anything else you want to say too. We need people to put up posters, flyer, throw parties, fundraise, even listen to our music and tell us what you like the best! Let us know how you think you can help MEN in the coming year. We are lucky to have you, that’s why we want to include you."

Oh, and did I mentions JD was recently featured in Time Out New York as one of the most stylish New Yorkers? 

And here's a couple MP3s from last year's debut full length, Talk About Body for your listening pleasure.

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