Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Coathangers

I've had my eye on the all-female quartet from Atlanta for quite some time, but they were recently brought back to my attention via a post Super Bowl dance party that apparently ended in a friend of mine smashing herself on a coffee table... I'm not sure I got the whole story on that one.

Anyway, the group started five years back as a band of friends who were less musicians than they were party girls that wanted to play shows and have a good time. This resulted in an infectiously raucous and unpolished style that saw the release of two records and landed them tours with the likes of The Thermals, amongst others.

For their most recent record, Larceny & Old Lace, the band honed their skills and even recorded in a proper studio (The Living Room in Atlanta). The record, which came out last summer on Suicide Squeeze Records, showcased a much more diverse variety of influences and dare I say a touch of maturity. But as the band will assure you, they have not lost the gritty edge to which their fans have become accustomed.

The Coathangers are set to release a single split "Smother"/"No Crees Que Ya Canca" with Davila 666 on April 17. Check out the track and a couple videos below.

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